Paralink Node is the core component of the Paralink Network. It’s responsible for sourcing information from real-world data sources and across different blockchains. Multiple data sources are supported (if you want to see an example read this blog post), as well as aggregation and validation as defined in PQL pipelines.

The quickest way to start using Paralink Node is to visit our official Github page, specifically the paralink-node repository. We have created a Quick Start Guide that guides you through the installation steps.

Suppose you want to try out the PQL Query Editor that we have introduced in one of our previous blog posts. In that case, you must navigate to paralink-ui repository, which includes setup instructions. For PQL Query Editor to work, you must have both Paralink Node and UI components.

Where to report issues or bugs?

The best way to report issues or bugs is to visit our official Github page and then click the desired repository. Under the “Issues” tab, you can open a new topic, and our developers will look into it! You can also connect with our devs on our Discord channel; see the link below.

If you just have comments or improvements recommendations please let us know! 🙂

Where to connect with other developers?

You can join our official Discord server, where we have a dedicated channel for developers. You can enter here: