Paralink is thrilled to share our investment spotlight with Momentum 6, a top investment & marketing firm with experience of marketing/investing over 40+ projects.

Here’s a brief interview with Garlam Won, CEO of Momentum6

1.Why did you invest in Paralink?

Recognizing that decentralized data integration issues impede the trustless execution of smart contracts, we view Paralink’s decentralized data oracle as a complete solution to the myriad of limitations and risks of permissioned, centralized data management (data ownership, single point of failure, DDOS attacks, hacking).

Paralink is the killer oracle to the oracle problem, enabling blockchains to pull in and push out data to smart contracts while preserving the security, reliability, and consensus-based determinism of the blockchain.

Paralink becomes the data nexus that allows us to evolve to a higher level of data ownership, connectivity, and interpolation. DeFi users can own and monetize their data. Web 3.0 can converge and interpret that data using AI and machine learning. Smart contracts become smarter and their users can create and exchange more value.

Put simply, Paralink’s data solutions remove the remaining barrier to DeFi mass adoption.

2.What is your investment thesis for 2021?

We have always invested in ecosystems,  never isolated technology solutions. This year, led by Polkadot, fully interoperable, scalable blockchain ecosystems are coming out of testnet and going live. As the development community coalesces around these ecosystems, we are excited about the innovation we are seeing pushed to a new level across the stack.

3.What is the main signal of product market fit in the DeFi space in your opinion?

For us, interoperability has always been a fundamental pathway to new levels of product market fit and integration, and the blockchain provides a level of interoperability heretofore never achieved, allowing smart contract users to create and exchange maximum value across chains and DApps. Oracles like Paralink provide the critical data bridge between on-chain and off-chain real word data sources.

With data flows fully unleashed, secure real-time price feeds require high frequency consensus algorithms prohibitive on Ethereum owing to its  low speed and high gas costs.  For these reasons, the Paralink on-chain consensus algorithm is being built using the interoperable and scalable Polkadot ecosystem and its Substrate stack. DeFi can move at its full potential speed. The data and systems integration industries as we know them in traditional IT are destined to disappear.

4.What makes for a good liquidity program and why?

Put differently, which tokens among the many on offer should liquidity providers invest in?  Throughout the history of financial markets, investor money has chased speculative assets. Whether investing in tulips, dot-coms or DeFi tokens, the most attractive long-term risk-return trade off can be found in assets underlying viable long-term market use cases.

5.What is your main value-add as a marketing growth strategist that you bring to founding teams?

As mentioned, we market and incubate blockchain projects as part of interconnected ecosystems. When we accelerate growth for an interoperable, scalable blockchain, we are simultaneously creating partnerships and synergies across the middleware and DApps deploying on that blockchain. In this way, our projects are continually creating and driving  new value to the users of DeFi products and services. We will see DeFi’s full value proposition for users in the next generation of DApps.

Paralink Network is a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications powered by Polkadot.