The PARA token has a maximum supply of 1 billion. The initial tokenomics are structured accordingly:

Name Amount Percentage Price Lockup
Public Sale 6,666,666 0.67% $0.045 No lock
Private Sale 50,000,000 5.00% $0.020 Vested over 1 year
Strategic Sale 62,500,000 6.25% $0.016 Vested over 1 year
Seed Sale 66,666,666 6.67% $0.012 Vested over 1 year
Team 135,000,000 13.5% Vested over 2 years
Nominator Rewards 200,000,000 20%
Validator Rewards 200,000,000 20%
Ecosystem 100,000,000 10%
Reserve 179,166,668 17.91%

*Historic updates are available on the bottom of this page.

Private Sale

The private sale tokens are being issued as per release schedule of the respective round.

  • Seed Sale: 20% released at TGE, remaining is spread over 4 quarters
  • Strategic Sale: 25% released at TGE, remaining is spread over 4 quarters
  • Private Sale: 30% released at TGE, remaining is spread over 4 quarters


The team tokens have a 2 year vesting period with 6 months vesting cliff.

Ecosystem, Network and Governance Rewards

These tokens are for early stage subsidies and incentives. We plan to support the projects integrating with Paralink Network, as well as the relayers that are powering the decentralized oracle service. And lastly, the tokens will be issued in a form of staking rewards to PARA holders who decide to participate in on-chain relayer governance process. Check the tokenomics v2 draft for more info.


Reserve tokens may be issued for strategic reasons, such as partnerships, exchange integrations and liquidity bootstrapping. As the name implies, reserve tokens act as a buffer and may not need to be issued in full capacity.

Tokenomics Updates

May 13th 2021: With Paralink MVP getting closer and our project getting wider recognition by the general public we decided to provide the community with an opportunity to be a part of our journey. Although our initial plans did not predict the public sale we have managed to find an optimal solution by partnering with Polkastarter. Initial Decentralized Offering or IDO on Polkastarter has been announced for May 24, 2021. Changes are reflected in Public Sale (00.00% -> 0.67%) and Reserve (18.58% -> 17.91%) baskets.

Feb 1st 2021: After careful consideration we realized that the public sale is not optimal due to inherent unfairness of the available auction processes and kyc challenges. The tokens that were initially supposed for the public sale will go into the lockdrop rewards pool dedicated for obtaining a parachain slot on Polkadot. The result of the change is the increase of Reserve (18.14% -> 18.58%).

Jan 18th 2021: The ratios of seed sale, strategic sale, private sale, public sale and team allocations remain unchanged. The total supply remains unchanged. There are however changes to the Nominator Rewards (9% -> 20%), Validator Rewards (25% -> 20%), Ecosystem (12% -> 10%) and Reserve (22.14% -> 18.14%) baskets. This change has been done as a result of v2 proposal of the staking tokenomics for Paralink blockchain.

Jan 13th 2021: The total supply has been reduced from 10B to 1B tokens for a purely technical reason of stabilizing BTC denominations. With BTC rising in value, the PARA/BTC trading pairs might not carry enough precision at certain price levels, causing unnecessarily high bid-ask spreads. The result of this change is that all allocations are divided by 10, however there is no change in relative terms.