The Paralink team is excited to share an investor spotlight with a top tier firm in the space, 3Commas! Read on to see what 3Commas’s investment thesis is for DeFi.

Why did you invest in Paralink?

3Commas has made an effort to invest in all oracles on the Polkadot network

What is your investment thesis for 2021?

We believe that there are real gems out there so we are readily investing.

Who are your favorite founders in the DeFi space and why?

We think that there are a lot of really successful founders in DeFi space but we are not at liberty to indicate certain names.

What is the main signal of product market fit in the DeFi space in your opinion?

We believe that real decentralization and self-governance signal product market fit.

Who are some thought leaders that you follow and why?

For us there are no definite authorities, we listen to the opinions of everyone – from CEO’s of top project to ordinary investors.

What makes for a good liquidity program and why?

We believe that fair distribution of rewards makes for a good liquidity program.


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