We are pleased to announce that our developer testnet is live. It contains the first implementation of on-chain oracle quorums.

More features will become available trough forkless upgrades throughout the lifecycle of this testnet.

Who is this for?

This testnet is for Paralink developers and contributors to the Paralink Network Protocol and its tooling (Paralink Node, block explorer, UI, SDK and client libraries).

What about validators?

Validators are welcome to participate in design discussion and share feedback, however there is no active role for them in the network yet. Validators can look forward to our parachain on Rococo coming in Q2-Q3, where they will play a key role on-chain aggregation and validation of oracle data streams.

Info sheet

Key Value
SS58 Format 42
Currency, Precision PARA, 10
Consensus Algorithm Aura
Finality GRANDPA
Block Time 10s
HTTP RPC https://rpc-testnet.paralink.network
Websocket wss://rpc-testnet.paralink.network/ws

The types.json file for the block explorer UI can be found here.