We are excited to share our investment spotlight with top tier investor Genesis Block Ventures based in Hong Kong.

Why did you invest in Paralink?

Paralink is an exciting project that is the confluence of two upcoming areas in blockchain – Oracles and interoperability (via Polkadot)

Jan brings along an energy and responsiveness which we think is important for success in the blockchain space.

What is your investment thesis for 2021?

Use cases for decentralized finance will continue to evolve and develop.

We will see increased usage of chains outside of Layer-1 Ethereum gain traction as specific groups require specialization (speed, privacy). There will be more ‘true’ use cases outside of DeFi.

Who are your favorite founders in the DeFi space and why?

We see a lot of great founders – that most important attribute we feel is tenacity, and always looking to build the new idea without being fearful of trying.

What is the main signal of product-market fit in the DeFi space in your opinion?

Unique and sticky users. TVL can easily be ‘bought’ for a short amount of time, at potentially great cost to the project (giving out too much value). We feel products with a focus on user experience (whether individuals or other projects) will see the greatest success

Who are some thought leaders that you follow and why?

We follow a wide range of thought leaders, but feel the Twitter is the best place to get most breaking news events. @jasonchoi has a great selection of interviews, and the Uncommon Core podcast is great for getting a glimpse of the latest market developments from a ‘technology’ perspective. We follow a range of thought leaders, across geographies (Western vs Asia) and styles (influencers vs academics vs project leadership interviews).

What makes for a good liquidity program and why?

This is nuanced and depends on what needs to be ‘supported’. Users, value locked/lent, trading volumes, or others? The key is to use the program to catalyse growth, and aim for a steady state where one is not spending too much on said program.

What is your main value-add as a fund that you bring to founding teams?

GBV works with a number of community partners and influencers globally. We really dive into the UX of the product and evaluate any difficulties for the user (we are “honest farmers” and use a lot of DeFi ourselves).

Given the diverse background of our team, we assist and support projects across a variety of areas, including content creation, trading, product as well as running nodes/validators.


Paralink Network is a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications powered by Polkadot.

Website: https://paralink.network/

Telegram: https://t.me/paralink_network

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/paralinkannouncements

Blog: https://blog.paralink.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParalinkNetwork

Paralink Litepaper: https://docs.paralink.network/whitepaper/summary.html