About Darwinia

Darwinia is a major infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem. The Darwinia parachain will offer a smart contract execution environment as well as the first decentralized bridge solution between Polkadot parachains and traditional blockchains such as Ethereum. We are excited about integrating with both to improve our oracle platform.

Darwinia Virtual Machine

As part of our short term integration we plan to deploy Paralink EVM oracles on Darwinia Virtual Machine (DVM), as well as add Darwinia Pangolin as a supported platform to Paralink Node. Developers building for Darwinia platform will be able to integrate Paralink Oracle into their DeFi smart contracts with ease, and establish the oracle services economy using Darwinia’s native token.

Darwinia Bridge Solution

Some data sources require more security than others. One such example are the real-time price feeds to be used in decentralized derivative and money markets, where any corruption in the price feeds can result in large financial losses. For this use case, a reputable quorum of relayers with on-chain coordination, validation and aggregation mechanisms is required. Performing such consensus algorithm at high frequency is prohibitively expensive on Ethereum due to low throughput and high gas costs. For this reason, Paralink on-chain consensus algorithm is being built using Polkadot and its Substrate stack.

A parachain with oracle quorums is great for the Polkadot ecosystem as it provides a reliable and trustworthy oracle platform the for other parachains. However it would be great if the results of on-chain oracle aggregation and validation could be relayed to other chains such as Ethereum as well.

This is there the Darwinia Bridge Chain comes into play. Darwinia is building a first truly decentralized bridge solution, which is the primary candidate for solving our problem of relaying our computation results to non-Polkadot chains.


You can learn more about Darwinia @ https://darwinia.network/

If you are interested in deploying an oracle within the Polkadot ecosystem check out https://paralink.network/