Paralink is thrilled to share our investment spotlight with renowned investor Kenetic Capital. Based out of Hong Kong, the  Venture Capital team invests in equity of Series A / B Blockchain Technology companies. Kenetic Capital views Paralink as one of the most promising projects being built on Polkadot.

Here’s a brief interview with the CEO of Kenetic Capital.

Why did you invest in Paralink?

Paralink represents a deepening of the blockchain oracle and data ingress space. As business and society become simultaneously more digital and more interconnected, and we rely on blockchain as a foundational technology, accurate and trustworthy sources of information are critical. While this space has major incumbents, it is vital that there are multiple players and offerings to diversify data sources into blockchain.

What is your investment thesis for 2021?

2021 will be an inflection point for blockchain and crypto, when it emerges from awkward adolescence and is seen as a young adult, ready to take on more serious and significant responsibilities.

Who are your favorite founders in the DeFi space and why?

I respect all founders for having the bravery and audacity to attempt success – it’s a rare gene that combines vision with grit and agility in the best of examples.

What is the main signal of product market fit in the DeFi space in your opinion?

I think DeFi is still in its infancy, and crypto-based DeFi will a) become very regulated and b) evolve into DeFi on top of Security Tokens and Digital Assets leading to the one true transformation of capital markets. The early lessons we are learning through this current version of DeFi is incredibly exciting, but in my view is the prelude to something much greater.

Who are some investors that you co-invest with in the space and what is the main value add that a DeFi fund or investor can bring in your opinion?

We love working with funds like, Libertus, Dragonfly and many others. Each investor brings a different view and we learn a great deal from our peers.

Paralink Network is a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications powered by Polkadot.