We recently announced the Paralink Meme Contest to break the monotony and brighten up your week. Memes are a great way to add a pinch of humor to everything and it is almost impossible to not come across one since the rise of the internet.

This contest is an opportunity to let your creative juices flow and show us how humorous you can be. Through this article, you can get yourself acquainted with the details and rules of our meme competition.

About the Contest:

Our Meme contest will start on 5th February and will run for 10 days. The winners of this event will be chosen on the basis of their humor and creativity.

To participate in this contest, all contenders must create a meme on Paralink Network. The memes can also include our competitors but it must primarily use Paralink Network in the theme.

Once the memes are created, the participants must post it on our Reddit Profile, Telegram Discussion Channel or their twitter accounts while tagging our Twitter Account (@ParalinkNetwork). The links to their posts should be submitted on this form. There is a reward pool of $225 for the winners. The reward will be distributed as $100, $75 & $50 respectively.

There will be 3 winners at the end of this events

  1. The meme our team picks.
  2. The meme that receives the highest number of retweets.
  3. The meme that receives the most upvotes on Reddit.

Rules of the Contest:

The rules to be followed are pretty simple and standard.

  1. All memes must be original. Plagiarized or used memes will be disqualified and we will have stringent assessment in place to ensure originality.
  2. Memes in the form of Static Images, Videos, GIFs, or any Digital Art will be accepted for the competition.
  3. Using the form to submit the links to the memes is a must.
  4. All memes must be submitted before the closing date i.e. 15th February 2021.

    Please ensure to follow each rule to win the contest. We’re super excited to see what you’ve in store and get a good dose of humor. So get ready to let your creativity run wild and tickle our funny bones.