This is a compilation of our accomplishments in the month of January. Since it was the first year of 2021, it’s absolutely crucial to lay a strong foundation for a promising year ahead.

The month started with the release of the $PARA tokenomics, token economics for the Paralink Network. It was released to explain our token and its distribution structure. We raised $2.8 Million from notable investors, such as LD Capital, Kenetic, 3Commas, Genesis Block Ventures, and NGC Ventures. We also announced Denko Mancheski, the CEO of Reef Finance – the first cross-chain DeFi operating system on Polkadot – as an advisor.

To throw some light on our investors, we interviewed three of our investors and discussed their interest in supporting our ventures. Here is a list of the investors we interviewed:

  1. NGC Ventures
  2. AU21 Capital
  3. Genesis Block
  4. Kenetic Capital

This month, we secured 3 partnerships with notable projects in the crypto and blockchain industry. Here is the list of our partnerships and integrations:

Darwinia: We integrated with Darwinia, a decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol on Substrate to extend results of on-chain oracle aggregation and validation to Ethereum and other chains, through its decentralized bridge solution. Through this partnership, we aim to provide secure data sources through a non-cost-prohibitive manner, such as real-time price feeds for decentralized markets.

Read more about this partnership here.

Plasm: We integrated with Plasm Network, a top tier candidate for an early parachain slot on Polkadot, to help plasm achieve its ambitious scaling solutions with our easy to use multi-chain oracle solutions. The partnership with Paralink will allow Plasm to receive real-time accurate data feeds for all dApps that are being built on the platform. This will help secure the infrastructure of the platform and improve its scalability.

Read more about this partnership here.

Bondly: We integrated with Bondly, an interactive, interoperable, transparent, and portable swap protocol to allow bondly users to access on-chain price reference data and various other external data points to improve information quality for users of our products. As a result of this partnership, Paralink’s oracles will be optimized to play a key role in Bondly’s product offerings including BondSwap, Bondly’s DeFi enabled Over-the-Counter (OTC) product that allows easy peer-to-peer digital asset trades.

Read more about this partnership here.


The Paralink Developer Testnet is live and there will be more features available through forkless upgrades. The testnet is primarily for developers and contributors actively participating in Paralink network.

Read more about this update here.


Our CEO, Jan Knezevic, joined 6 AMA sessions as a speaker to inform more communities of Paralink Network and our offers. Here is a list of all the groups that invited us for AMAs:

  1. Pentoshi
  2. Wolfonaire
  3. ShinChan
  4. DeFi Naut
  5. pSquare Chat
  6. Plasm Network

And that’s how we closed our first month of 2021. It was an exciting month and a great way to start the year with. We have more activities, contests, and events planned to make the month of February more exciting for you. Please join and follow our social channels to keep yourself updated with our news.