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As announced in our previous blog post, we have conducted another AMA. We have received a lot of questions, and you can find the answers below. Questions revolve around different topics, like development, staking, listings, parachains, etc. Thank you for your questions and continuous support! Below are the answers to your questions.

Partners are crucial for every project today. May I know which partners you have now? And which partnerships can we expect in the future?

You can check the list of our strategic partners here:

We are working on several new partnerships, but at the moment, we can not disclose them yet. Follow our blog to be notified when we announce new partnerships.

Are any Moonbeam and Moonriver partnerships in the works?

We are planning to partner with Moonbeam and Moonriver in the future.

What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long-term?

Paralink Network users are developers of smart contracts. We are doing a continuous outreach to projects working on smart-contract development. Currently, we are not looking for new institutional investors to raise new capital. However, if we enter another round of raising capital, we will notify the community in advance.

When will you start a mass marketing campaign to attract new holders?

We estimate that current market conditions are unsuitable for a mass marketing campaign. Our target segment lies in B2B space, and our marketing funds are spent in business development efforts. Once we are ready to start more extensive marketing campaigns to attract new nominators, we will notify the community.

Can you list your project’s 1–3 killer features that give you a competitive advantage over your competitors? What is your platform’s competitive advantage that you feel most confident about? 

The most important feature of our project is PQL – Paralink Query Language. PQL is a new query tool for smart contracts which brings unparalleled flexibility and security for sourcing, aggregating, and validating information. You can read more about PQL here:

Paralink Network’s high security and transparency of the on-chain consensus and native compatibility with other Polkadot parachians through XCM protocol will enable an almost zero transaction fee environment. With continuous reliance on data ingress of the off-chain data, we can expect massive adoption of oracle services.

How do you intend to raise awareness of your initiative in countries/regions where English is not widely spoken? Do you have a community outreach strategy in place to help people better comprehend the project?

We currently only manage English-speaking communities and some WeChat groups for the Chinese market. Due to the nature of our product, being B2B focused, the English language proved to be sufficient for all our business-related activities. Once we get ready to offer nominator roles, we will start to support other languages and translate the platform to other major globally spoken languages.

What makes Paralink better than Chainlink, and how do you plan on marketing and promoting these benefits? 

Please see the previous question about competitive advantages above. Focused on B2B, we will attend more conferences this year – virtual and in-person. Our promotion efforts will include educating the public on technology substack development and Paralink’s role in the ecosystem. Our promotions will also include participation in high-quality crypto-related media outlets.  

Why is there no activity on the github account? 

Our entire development is currently offline, and support for other projects is of a local nature.

XCMP is nearly done. What is the next step of the project?

We are constantly monitoring the progress of XCMP development. Recently there were some promising developments in this area, but unfortunately, we are still far from operational status. We remain highly excited for the XCM protocol, which will enable the true power of Polkadot, and thus Paralink Newtork! Based on that, we will adjust our next steps and development strategy accordingly.

What kind of staking plans do you have? How is it going to work for the token? What options are you thinking about?

On-chain consensus will be achieved through nominated proof-of-stake (Pos) with the network of validators and nominators. You can read more about on-chain consensus in our documentation here:

Currently, we are in discussions with potential validators, and we will publish more information for potential nominators later this year!

When will staking be available?

The staking implementation timeline is closely related to the XCMP development timeline. Please see the question about XCMP above.

Do you have any updates on parachain (auction) plans? 

At this moment in time, we do not plan to enter into the parachain auction as the infrastructure is not ready yet. Current parachains act as standalone chains where interoperability is lost (or unavailable). This takes away every competitive advantage for us at this moment. As soon as we assess the parachin infrastructure to have working interoperability capabilities, we will notify the community!

How many team members does paralink have? 

Paralink has eight team members, three in the business development team and 5 in the development team. We also have some other outsourced contractors.

Is the team growing? How many people are you hiring?

You can check for open positions on our Careers page here:

Why doesn’t your website feature the project team?

Our official website does feature the project team here:

You were talking about new exchange listings in the past, but are you still working on that too?

Yes, see the more detailed answer below.

Is there any CEX listing in Q1 2022?

For Q1 of 2022, we do not have any new CEX listings planned. Currently, we are working on three top-tier exchanges listings, but you have to understand that this process is very long and requires a lot of due diligence. We are very happy with the listing, and our goal is to get listed only on exchanges with the highest level of security. Please see our token page here to check for all supported exchanges:

Will Paralink share the same token ticker “PARA” with the recent parachain slot winner Parallel Finance? Is Paralink considering changing the ticker to something else?

Paralink Network does not intend to change its token ticker PARA. We have secured this ticker first, and we do not understand the decision of other projects who try to launch with the same ticker. We have already reached out to every project listed on CoinMarketCap with the same (PARA) ticker and urged them to change it!

Are you working on an updated roadmap? Or why is the roadmap not updated yet? The timeframes on the roadmap are important and the subjects so the community knows what the team is working on.

Due to the nature of the current state of affairs with Polkadot development, we can not give exact dates for certain milestones. We have decided not to publish the roadmap publicly due to the uncertainty of external factors. We have already promised some milestones in the past, but we could not deliver them (or we were late with the delivery) due to unpredictable circumstances in the Polkadot development. We want to avoid such promises in the future to avoid bad responses from the community!

What are the project goals for this year? 

We continue focusing on business development, raising awareness about Paralink Network technology stack, Paralink Node, PQL, and continue developing substrate parachain – in accordance with Polkadot development of XCMP. We also have some significant milestones with our strategic partners, and we will announce our progress on our blog. Stay tuned!

Paralink Network offers a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications. Applications that require the highest degree of security can use Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate. Paralink’s flexible node design allows developers to query real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers, and more. Developers can create custom queries using Paralink Query Language and connect smart contracts with traditional APIs within minutes.



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