We are excited to announce that we have entered a strategic partnership with Stratos. Stratos team is developing a new generation of decentralized data mesh. Data mesh is a large-scale fully decentralized data infrastructure on the blockchain and represents an important step towards true decentralization for Web3 and Metaverse.

The problem with many existing blockchains is that they are not well suited for the storage of data that is not in the form of transaction data. Stratos is trying to address that problem and will enable high-data volume applications on the blockchain by introducing decentralized storage, decentralized database, decentralized computing and decentralized blockchain.

Stratos decentralized database is verifiable, scaleable, high-availability database with the added protection of no SPoF (single-point of failure) architecture.

With Stratos blockchain and Paralink Network integration, Stratos database will offer capability to power oracle and data aggregation services to any blockchain project. By integrating Paralink node capabilities Stratos will enable its applications that require the highest degree of security the use of Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate.

We are proud to support Stratos in its mission to be a solid infrastructure for the entire blockchain industry in a decentralized manner.

Stratos is redefining the decentralized data infrastructure by tapping into the most innovative solutions designed to help the Blockchain industry get rid of the dependency of centralized infrastructure. With the goal of providing users and developers with a reliable storage architecture, we offer one-of-a-kind features, such as high availability, self-balanced storage, high performance database, trusted computation, and more for a solid foundation for data adoption. To learn more about Stratos visit their website: https://www.thestratos.org/

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Paralink Network offers a multichain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications. Applications that require the highest degree of security can use Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate. Paralink’s flexible node design allows developers to query real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers, and more. Developers can create custom queries using Paralink Query Language and connect smart contracts with traditional APIs within minutes.

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