Although February was pretty short, our ventures were all the more extensive!

We are here to provide a quick recap to all that transpired in the month of February as we continue to revolutionize DeFi. We achieved a number of accomplishments and we are excited to share with our community.

Sending warm wishes to everyone for the Lunar New Year, February saw Paralink Network become 10000+ members strong on Twitter, and the number is still steadily increasing! We were featured in an article by BOXMINING, a prominent multimedia channel for cryptocurrencies and latest trends around blockchain. We also welcomed Denko Mancheski, CEO of Reef Finance – the first cross-chain DeFi operating system on Polkadot – as a Strategic Advisor.

Partnership Developments and Integrations

Paralink secured multiple partnerships and integrations with notable projects in the crypto industry. Following is a list of our partnership and integrations:

Edgeware: Paralink integrated with Edgeware – a fairly-launched, actively-governed smart contract platform – to provide decentralized oracle solutions.

Read more about this partnership here.

Reef Finance: A close-knit partnership has been formed between Paralink and Reef to make multi-chain oracle solutions accessible for unleashing the DeFi potential.

Read more about this partnership here.

Konomi Network: Paralink has integrated with Konomi Network to obtain cross-chain assets pricing and real world data for the money market starting from DOT/KSM pair.

Read more about this partnership here.

Knit Finance: Through the partnership with Paralink, Knit Finance will be incorporating cross chain oracles into its DeFi products, including a market-leading suite of DeFi products.

Read more about this partnership here.

Plasm Network: Paralink partnered with Plasm Network to integrate it’s multi-chain oracle solutions into Plasm’s ecosystem to drive increased security and scalability.

Read more about this partnership here.

Public Block Explorer Launch: Paralink formed an alliance with Halborn to form a cutting-edge block explorer. Decentralization and easy accessibility of the network explorer will be beneficial in expanding the Polkadot environment.  

With features like Real-time updates, Ledger support, Comprehensive validator & on-chain data, and Optimized UX, the block explorer is fully secure, offers information integrity and network extensibility.

Read more about the launch here.

Halborn Audit: Halborn Security – one of the most respected cybersecurity firms in the industry – audited the Ethereum contracts to be used in Paralink’s TGE. Halborn had found the Paralink smart contracts to be extremely well documented and written under top notch development standards. It was found to have many utilities that support continuous testing and integration.

The full report is available here. Furthermore, the Paralink ERC-20 token on Ethereum is deployed and verified.

Read more about the audit here.

Campaigns and Contests

We held an exciting Paralink Meme Contest with the theme – Paralink, it’s features and utility bringing into light the genius humour of our community members. We also held the Paralink 5 Day Quiz Contest where our members got a chance to show their Paralink knowledge and battle it out to win the prize!

AMA Series

Paralink partook in AMA sessions with 14 groups to provide useful information to the community and to present our offers as well. The list of all the groups that participated are:

  1. Crypto Space
  2. Darwania Network
  3. PolkaWarriors
  4. Hillrise Capital
  5. Tradecoin Vietnam
  6. Satoshi Club
  7. Konomi Network
  8. Edgeware
  10. Dude Signals
  11. Reef Finance
  12. Crypto Mansion
  13. Gagarin Crypto Chat
  14. Clubhouse

Paralink also announced Hillrise Capital as a renowned investment partner in the Investor Spotlight Release this February.

That sums up February 2021 for Paralink Network. Please look forward to yet more exciting events, activities, contests we have planned just for our community! Join us on our social media channels to make sure you never miss a beat.

Paralink Network is a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications powered by Polkadot.