Plasm Network is a scalable smart contract platform on Polkadot supporting cutting edge layer2 solutions. It is built on Substrate and designed to be a Polkadot Parachain. Plasm Network aims to make Ethereum2.0 on Polkadot and supports Ethereum Virtual Machine and WASM (layer1 and layer2).

Plasm Network focuses on making the best smart contract platform so that dApps developers on Polkadot do not need to pay much attention to infrastructure and focus more on their dApp. Ideally, the developers can build whatever applications on Plasm Network without having to consider its scalability.

Developing on Plasm

We have had the privilege of working closely with the Plasm team, and they have been tremendously helpful during our collaboration. For these reasons we have picked Plasm as a primary smart contracts platform for development of our wasm based oracle solution.

We have prepared a short demo showcasing the oracle request & response cycle.

The implementation progress is pretty good, as majority of the features already work. We have ran into an issue with the callbacks, as they are not yet fully supported by Substrate, however we believe that the issue will be resolved with the upcoming Substrate/Ink updates.

Going forward

We believe Plasm is a top tier candidate for an early parachain slot on Polkadot due to their contributions to smart contract scaling solutions, as well as significant TVL in their lockdrop.  We are happy to contribute to the ecosystem with our easy to use oracle solution. Our oracle contracts use Plasm’s native token for fees, which will make the adoption easy for everyone building their DeFi project on Plasm.