Working with scalable infrastructure

If you are familiar with blockchain technology you’ll know it’s not without its limitations, specifically concerning the problem of interoperability and scalability, two problems that have stood in the way of blockchain technology’s evolution for many years now. Fortunately, Polkadot has been tackling this massive problem and has introduced a crucial solution that will revolutionize and advance the industry entirely.

Paralink is being built on top of this incredible solution, one that will stand the test of time.

Carrying The Torch

Polkadot is furthering the evolution of blockchain technology by building an ecosystem that unifies a number of different blockchains and allowing for communication between numerous chains. By creating a multi-chain network Polkadot avoids the bottleneck of transactions that have been seen on chains like Etherum. The ability to process information on multiple chains in parallel gives Polkadot an incredible power over issues concerning scalability while at the same time tackling interoperability.

By advancing the industry over the massive hurdles of interoperability and scalability, further adoption of this technology becomes more and more assured and therefore, creates new opportunities for its application.

When our team set out to build Paralink, they faced a monumental challenge. Building for the future means utilizing a stack that is on the cutting edge of advancement, and in Polkadot we find just that. Polkadot allows individual chains to still run as intended to fill their natural purpose while simultaneously utilizing its Substrate framework to leverage multiple chains in parallel creating a multi-chain network.

As new applications for Polkadot increase so will the number of new projects utilizing this framework. Self-governance then becomes a key component to every individual network and is something that Polkadot recognizes and works with. By allowing each of these networks their own self-governance as well as a stake in Polkadot’s network as a whole, there is no power struggle and everyone can work together in harmony.

For more information on Paralink visit the Paralink Network website.