The current blockchains both public and private are severely restricted in their functionality due to a lack of real-world data. So this is an exciting opportunity for you to help us solve the ‘oracle problem’ in the blockchain space with the ‘Paralink Paratroopers’ ambassador program!

As a Paralink Paratrooper, you will play an active role in building and evangelizing our multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi applications. You will team up with our marketing and promotion folks for brainstorming ideas.

You will also be a part of all aspects of Paralink Network’s development. That way you will understand the platform better and can help us redefine DeFi and blockchain applications with a boost in use cases like prediction markets, real-time price feeds, insurance, litigation, governance, etc.

We will enable you to take up initiatives and actively consider all your feedback, ideas, and suggestions that we find are conducive to our growth.

Additionally, you will land a fantastic opportunity to network with crypto experts and enthusiasts across the globe, and develop your personal reputation in the digital asset space. And in this, we promise to support you all throughout the way!

Anything else? Well yes.

Compensation in $PARA Tokens

For all your dedication and services for growing Paralink Network, you will be handsomely compensated with PARA tokens. And not just our native tokens, we also have a generous stash of goodies in store for you!

Rewards will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions. The quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of rewards. Needless to say ‘exceptional efforts’ will attract ‘exceptional rewards’.

Honestly, we are on the lookout for folks who are blockchain enthusiasts, have adequate knowledge about this space, and are truly optimistic about where this industry is going.

We are a completely decentralized project and our goals could not be achieved without a faithful community. Thus, we're actively in need of people across different fields and specialized skills. This would involve community management, marketing, social media, network growth, content creation, business development, etc.


Paralink Network wants to extend the boundaries of DeFi applications with external real-world data. As a ‘Paralink Paratrooper,’ your first and foremost task would be to boost our platform’s adoption.

Also, we would like you to use your networking and communication skills to spread the word about Paralink and bring in more users. Along with this, you will be responsible for:

  • Educating the community about Paralink Network via crisp content and social media communication
  • Growing our network of influencers, exchange partners, and project partners
  • Increasing our social media and mainstream media presence
  • Fueling marketing efforts by content creation and distribution
  • Testing new features of the Paralink Network platform
  • Developing bots for moderating, analysis, and data
  • Translating documents, articles, and social media posts
  • Establishing and growing regional Paralink Network communities
  • Mentoring other Paralink Paratroopers and bringing them to speed with the necessary requirements

Paralink Network is building a scalable solution to solve the oracle problem for blockchains and DeFi applications. For this, we have chosen Polkadot as the building platform.

We believe that Polkadot is the optimal platform for our protocol due to its fundamental design principles: cross-chain interoperability and scalability are the two key components for making Paralink secure, scalable, and economically viable.

Paralink seeks to bring the utilization of real-world data in crypto applications to the mainstream through its easy-to-use PQL language, its flexibility, and its lower cost compared to competitors. Paralink is now embarking on its next stage of growth by growing awareness in the community around the ability to use PQL to access real-world data and create a myriad of crypto applications.