Paralink is thrilled to collaborate with Raze Network and support their integration to Paralink Nodes. Raze Network is a substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is building a cross-chain privacy middleware for DeFi and Web 3.0.

Through this collaboration, Paralink’s oracles will ensure the accuracy of data sources obtained by Raze Network.  Raze network on the other hand will add in an extra security layer for the Paralink Network, and increase its privacy features for its users.

Multi-chain Oracle integration for Privacy Protocol

Paralink is a parachain with oracle quorums for Polkadot, providing reliable and trustworthy data sources to other parachains, such as real-time price feeds for decentralized markets. Without accurate, reliable and decentralized data feeds, blockchain applications such as prediction and derivatives markets cannot perform calculated actions as any corruption in price and data feeds can result in large financial losses.

Raze Network is a privacy protocol that aims to protect the user identity and confidentiality for the entire DeFi stack of the Polkadot ecosystem. It uses the Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm to encrypt user account balances and transactions, and allow users to set up Raze Account, and take advantage of the Private Payment Channel.

This partnership with Raze Network will instill more confidence among Paralink users about the security protocol of the platform, and ensure privacy of the data fees coming in and out of Paralink oracle. Raze Network will also explore ways to make use of Paralink’s multichain oracles. Together, both projects can synergize and collectively address the pain points of blockchain and research different ways to build the sector.

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a Substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built as a native privacy layer that can provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi and Web3.0 stack. The Raze Network applies zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to build a second-layer decentralized anonymous module. It will then be imported as a substrate-based smart contract.

Paralink Network offers a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications. Applications that require the highest degree of security can use Paralink’s on-chain consensus algorithm, running on Polkadot Substrate. Paralink’s flexible node design allows developers to query for real-world events, sports, weather, random numbers and more. Developers can create custom queries using Paralink Query Language and connect smart contracts with traditional APIs within minutes.



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