Paralink Network and Stratos announce the strategic partnership!

Paralink Network is announcing a new strategic partnership with Stratos, the next generation of ‍‍decentralized data mesh.

Paralink Network announcing Polygon integration!

Paralink and Shield Finance are partnering to integrate further Multi-Chain Oracle solutions!

Paralink Network enters into a partnership to integrate multi-chain oracles into Polkarare’s NFT platform!

Paralink Network Partnerships (May 2021 update)

Paralink Network partners with Sienna Network to integrate Price Data Feeds

Paralink Network and Xend Finance enter a strategic partnership to integrate multi-chain oracle solutions

Paralink Network partners with Polkalokr to use its token locking mechanics

Paralink partners with Genesis Shards to integrate its multichain oracles

Paralink partners with OpenDeFi to integrate its Multi-chain oracles